About Us


 Welcome to Styled By Trix! I’m so glad you’re here! My name is Mercedes Gonzalez Mayo, but you might recognize me from my Instagram page @styleitwithtrix. I started my blog and Instagram page over 4 years ago in March of 2016, with a goal to inspire others with not only my fashion choices but also those of my dog, Trix!


My desire to style my pets is rooted in my childhood. Back then, my world was dominated by my fashion obsession and my love for my dogs. Instead of reaching for a Barbie to dress up, my first instinct was to style my four-legged best friends first. I would even take the higher quality clothing from my American Girl dolls to clothe my dogs instead. Styling my pups is just something I’ve really been doing my whole life!


I believe that our pups deserve to live as stylish of a life as we do, and that is what fueled me to start my own modern pet brand, “Styled by Trix”! I wanted to create products that are unique, will keep your dogs on-trend, allow you as a pet owner to easily match them, and, most importantly, not break the bank! 


The first product we are starting out with is an absolute essential in every dog’s wardrobe for the fall and winter season... the Faux Fur Pom Beanie! If you’ve checked out my feed, you know I am a beanie addict. Naturally, I had been looking for a matching beanie for Trix! I searched every dog store and site imaginable, and I wasn’t pleased with the selection nor the fit of the dog beanies I came across. Shockingly, the beanies that actually made the cut for my 3-pound chihuahua were only available for toy and small dog breeds. If I had a German Shepherd or a Golden Retriever...there was nothing on the market for them!


To solve this problem, we decided to design and produce our own dog beanies. I made sure that we would have several sizes that would fit every dog breed – no matter how small or how large they were! There is no exclusivity here!!!

I hope your furry friends love our pieces as much as we loved creating them! 🐾